Monday, May 26, 2008

Camping trip 2008

Point Mountain Webster County WV elevation 3700 feet

View we got to see everyday!!

Chris, Jacob and the guys left Thursday afternoon to set up. Garrett, Michael & I came up Friday after school. (Jenn stayed home.) Was pretty nice here in town and when we showed up on the mountain, we had to change into warmer clothes. We had a lot of fun and none of us was ready to come home. (well Chasity was ready to some home. She's 32 weeks pregnant) Point Mountain was were we went. Very high up!! lol

The stars were very bright and looks like we could touch them. Very chilly when the sun went down. Fri high 30's, Sat low 40's and Sun low 50's.

We did alot of eating, 4 wheeling, eating, shooting guns, eating, fishing, yep you guessed it eating!!! lol Oh wait can't forget about a little drinking.

Here's a few pictures from the mountain.


Shannon said...

Wow... I sure miss camping... looks like you had a blast... Thanks for the updates.... Miss you guys!!!

inkypuddles said...

looks like you all had fun!!

Anonymous said...

COOL! What a great way to spend time WAY OUT of the ordinary! :)