Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hogs for Dogs dice run

Chris and I spent the whole day together riding our Harley with 9 other rides for the Hogs for Dogs dice run. (for our local Humane Society ) WOW what fun we had riding with this group. At one time we were on the rode riding with 19 other bikers. Talk about LOUD!!!
We started off at stop 1 to get registered, I bought a Hogs for Dogs t-shirt to wear on the run, bought some door prize tickets, chatted and met many bikers and then off to stop 2 to roll our first dice. I rolled a 12 that stop, we got something cold to drink (I finally got a cold coke and was my LAST coke. Every place we had to stop was all PEPSI!!) BLAK Then off to stop 3 where they had a big spread of food us all of us. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salads, mac salads, bean soup, corn bread and some kind of meat and cabbage thing. YUMMMO So we filled our bellies, got something cold to drink, rolled our dice (I think this time I did a little better and rolled a 23) and climbed onto our bikes and off we went to stop 4. Which some how we missed the turn and ended back into town where our last and final stop was. They let us roll twice to make up from missing stop 4. :) All my rolls added up to 83!! (So did Chris) So at this last and final stop, again a big spread of food from Hambugers to hot wings. Very YUMMO!! I sucked down 2 bottles of water!! The weather was perfect riding but when we had to stop it got warm. So anyway back at our last stop. Lots of yummy food, live band, TONS of motorcyles and very friendly riders. They started calling the numbers for the door prizes, but never called the numbers we had. LOL Gave really nice prizes away. Had 50/50 (didn't win that either) um... had bike show where you could enter your bike for prizes. (we didn't do that) The person that had the highest roll won $200 and for the lowest won $100! Not to bad!!
We had so much fun, we are going again in Aug. (with the same group of riders) WOOO HOOO
Also next time I'm bringing my camera!! lol


inkypuddles said...

Oh I'm so jealous!! Hehehe...I want to ride!! We went to the Harley store the other day to get Dad a tee shirt. Spoke with the salesman and he and I tried to talk Clint into a day (soon I hope).
Sounds like you had lots of fun!

Cami said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! :)
My hubby has a bike but I don't even ride with him...not much for motorcycle riding. Do you have your own or ride with your hubby?