Thursday, January 29, 2009

Football Hall of Fame - The Longest Yard

Yep this picture will be forever hung in the Football Hall of Fame in Canton OH this summer. Michael is the player in white carrying the football.
13 year Ben Queen submitted 6 pictures and this picture was picked by Cannon out of 10 thousand pictures, 14 finalist were picked. Public voting went on for a couple of weeks and the winner was posted. BEN QUEEN won!!
Not only will this picture of in the Football Hall of Fame, Ben also got 4 tickets to the Superbowl. To stand on the side lines to take pictures throughout the game.
How awesome is this for a 13 year and for Michael!!

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inkypuddles said...

YEAH!!! How exciting!! I'm so glad that Ben won and excited for Michael that he's going to the football hall of fame!! Hehehe...what an experience!!
Must be an amazing feeling for both of them!