Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scrapstreet Star Round 3 I made it!!!

This round we are playing with the star shape--how will you show yours off? You must make one layout and 3 cards--using at least one paper or element in common on all 4 creations. Yes, you are creating your very own constellation. Reach for the stars!

Ohhh I had fun fun fun doing my LO of Garrett and his sport pictures, (I used 12 pictures) and coming up with 3 cards. I haven't made a card in a while and I have to say... it was fun!!

The biggest challenge for me was making the cards, we had to carry something over from the LO and use on all 3 cards. I carried over the pattern paper. Really had to think outside my box on that. But I'm really happy on how they all turned out.

Thanks for looking and stopping by each week to see what I have done for each round.
Voting starts Fri. Keep your fingers crossed that my name will be on the round 4 list.


inkypuddles said...

just like a rock STAR!!!

Danni said...

Yay! You're blogging too!! How fun!
Great job on the LO and cards!