Friday, April 18, 2008

Scrapstreet Star round 4

WOOOO HOOOOO I made it to round 4!! This week we had to scrap our style and write an article about our style.
Finished mine up today. :) Voting starts tonight. Keep your fingers croosed. I would really like to go on. I did this contest last year and really had fun. I made it to round 4 and then was sent to the green room. I continued scrapping round 5 and was asked to be on Scrapstreet pit crew!! I've been there a year and have had a blast. The girls are the greatest and really makes you feel welcomed. Why not stop by and say hi. Don't forget to stop over at the magazine and see what all the talented scrappers have done.
Here is my article and LO:

Style is expressed in every aspect of our lives and is carried over to our designs.When I think of my style I chuckle as my minds eye goes through each room of my home. I guess you might call my style in furniture “Early Mother”. The treasured hutch that has seen 4 children grow up and survived the slamming of its doors on more than one occasion is nestled in the corner. The sewing basket my mother brought back from Germany with the rest of the 17,500 pounds of stuff that she just couldn’t live without, sits nest to that old comfortable chair. The old wooden barrel wringer washer that now holds flowers on the patio; bring back memories of my Dad trying to carry that thing up eight flights of stairs in military housing because my mother wanted to put towels in it in our bathroom.When I think of style, I remember my father’s style of dress. He thought he had gotten such a good deal on these $3.00 rubbery shoes that he wore around the yard and to the grocery store with his white socks nearly to his knees. He had no idea that they were beach shoes and that he looked quite funny. No greater man lives than my Dad; he has the style and honor of a gentleman.As for me… I inherit the style of both these folks. I am ECLECTIC by natures design. I see possibilities everywhere and I have found an outlet for my style in my scrap booking. I love color and texture and movement. I want my designs to touch the senses, be full of sentiment and carry my message to the future. My pictures are my memories preserved. The heart of my design is what is important to me. I use the tools of the trade as my medium and my canvas is a glimpse into my soul.


inkypuddles said...

or do they call it crazy now a days?? LMBO...
You rocked it girl...good job!!

Danni said...

Congrats!! I'm crossing my fingers for you!
Awesome LO!!