Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 2 scrap mafia war Myspace ... clueless?

Scrapranos made it through week 1!!
Week 2 we had to create a controversial layout. Click here to read about it.

Many parents have no clue what their teens have or put on their Myspace pages. I was one of them, until I heard on the news the horrible things that were happening with Myspace. They talked about how sex predators were requesting to be friends with teens; they would get to know them and ask to meet. The teen would meet this stranger and boom trouble! The news also talked about internet bulling and how a mom signed up as a teen and bullied her (because she didn't like this teenager) to the point that this teen committed suicide. The news mentioned that porn Myspace pages were going around asking teenage boys to be on their friends list. That's when I said enough and I signed up. I had Jenn help me create my very own Myspace. Once I got my page up and running, I friend requested the kids and took a look at their page. There were a couple of things I had them remove or change. Nothing to big, but I explained my reasoning. I had them take off the town that we lived in and had them put "Somewhere in WV",I also asked about a couple friends that they had and if they didn't know them I had them delete them as their friends.
At one time, all of my friends on my page were my children's friends.
It's too easy now a day for weirdo's to get your child's information. Or request them as a friend and have this stranger tell a bunch of lies about them.
Some parents (and teens) would see this as an invasion of their teen's privacy. I don't, I see it keeping my children safe. (Just for the record, I don't go onto their page everyday)
As you can see all 3 of my teens have a Myspace page. I highlighted my picture with the arrow pointing to it showing that I wasn't clueless anymore. Computers can be a dangerous thing. We are teaching our children that they can't believe everything they read and how to protect themselves while being on their Myspace page.

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