Sunday, July 13, 2008

The cleaning bug...

has attacked my house!!! The 2 little ones went back to Ohio to Grandma's, so I thought I would take advantage of it and get my house clean. When I say clean I MEAN CLEAN!!! Not just your normal everyday picking up. I'm moving things, getting on my hands and knees and throwing things away!! My livingroom is done and I have to say... it looks bigger!!! haha I'm working on the kitchen today and looks like tomorrow. Starting to look good!! :)

So this means no scrapping or much computer time this week. I have a sketch from Creatively Yours sitting on my desk with the pictures printed off and everytime I walk by my desk it's screaming for me to sit and scrap. So... you never know I just may cave and do this awesome sketch!!! :)

Ok back to my kitchen for a bit before I hit the sack.
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KellieNichole said...

come do mine next kay? im too fat to get down on the floor and scrub anything because i know i wont be able to get my lard ass back up. oh and you left WAY too soon because now Craig moves non stop and we can SEE everymove he makes. As soon as i can figure out how to up load video from the phone on to the computer i will send it to you so you can see. its creepy lol. i love and miss ya!