Sunday, July 6, 2008

Van, "butter" & movie night

Today started with me calling my little brother to come help me with my van. One of the reason why the kids and I came down was to get my van inspected. (yes I still have NC tags living in WV. Military remember) Anyway my check engine light was on and I knew the van wouldn't pass because of it. So this is why I call little brother. (who worked on cars where I bought my van) We took it down to Advance to get the code read and cleared, found out that my problem was the Catalytic converter. So I bought one and found a place to put it on. All good right?? Wrong... now that I cleared the code I have to drive it for about 50 miles or so to clear all the "red flags"! UGH!!! I just want my van inspected!!! (it's not really due until August, but I know that I won't be able to come down in Aug)
So I drove it out to my sisters new house, which was about 40 miles and then Jenn & Ash took and drove some. I'll take it out tomorrow morning and drive it some and keep fingers crossed when I take it in to get inspected.

We went to my sisters new house for a cookout. Had fun and ate way tooo much.
The two little ones stayed there for the night and my 3 teens and parents came home to watch movies.

"Butter" & movie night, why "butter" well because our popcorn had about 5 pounds of butter on it!! Big joke lol
We watched 27 Dress and Fool's Gold. Loved both of them. If you haven't got to see those 2 movies go rent them!!

I think the kids & I may stay one more day!!!

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