Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's finally Tuesday

I've been waiting for this day to come for a month. Chris comes home!!!!
Everything was going well and I get a phone call telling me that his flight from TX to Pitts has been cancealed!! UGH I also got a phone call from the airlines telling me that he won't be flying out until tomorrow! NOOOOOO
Finally got a hold of Chris and he was in WI but... he had to change his ticket because by the time they got in they didn't have enough time to catch his next flight. He was supposed to by here in our house around 7:30 PM and now with all the changes he will not be home until closer to 1 AM!! I'm so ready for him to get home!!!!
Sitting here watching the clock and the time is not moving fast enough for me.
But... tomorrow is our 20th Anniversary (our church wedding, Monday was also our anniversary. That was the day we were married by the Germans) and have made plans on going out celebrating our special day and also this weekend is Mountain Fest. So we'll be hopping on our harley and have some fun there. Saturday we will be going to see Kansas in concert. This time I'll be taking my camera and will post pictures of our fun days.

Feel better now that I got to vent a little. :)


Dora said...

man that bites!

enjoy it and him soon!

inkypuddles said...

Sorry for the long wait...I see that he's home now...hope you guys are having a great time!