Friday, July 4, 2008

Shopping trips

Today we did some shopping!!! First we dropped the kids off at the skating rink and off we went to hit the stores.

First stop was a yummy Deli for some lunch. We couldn't shop on an empty belly!!!
Bought LOTS of paper at Hobby Lobby. We don't have a HL in WV so anytime I come down we have to go. The kids don't understand why I have to buy MORE paper. They say I have enough, well we all know that you can NEVER have enough scrapbooking paper.
Then to Kohls... the girls both picked out an outfit and then we all met in the purse section. For those that don't really know me... I LOVE TO BUY PURSES!!!! So I taught everyone (including shoppers that wasn't with us) how to pick out a perfect purses. Shopping for purses tip #1, to make sure the one you picked is the right one... you have to pull out all of the paper thats in the purse. lol (yes we made a BIG mess!)

We spent alot of time shopping in Kohls that we didn't get to go anywhere else. It was time to pick the kids up.

For dinner... Mom and I made homemade egg rolls and fried rice. Everyone came over for dinner and the kids got to swim some.

Another fun night!!
Tomorrow is the big cookout here at moms and on post is the Wynonna Judd concert and fireworks. Can't wait!!!

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Michele said...

Happy 4th of July!

Homemade egg rolls and fried rice! *cry* I'm so jealous!