Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob

Today is Jacob's Birthday!! The big 12!! hehe

He got to pick going out to eat or picking a Birthday dinner and eat at home. He picked eat at home. For his Birthday dinner, he wanted TURKEY! When I say turkey, I mean the whole turkey/ Thanksgiving dinner! We had turkey, sweet potatoes, Acorn squash, mash potatoes & gravy, rolls, "holy" rice! Oh wait lets not forget the cherry pies!! He's been looking forward to this dinner for weeks! Everything turned out really yummy.
Jenn is taking Child development this semester. She got her "baby" today and has to take care of it for the next 24 hours. She named her Hannah Rose. :)
Today was such a pretty day, I got to open my windows for the first time since August!! It was so nice having the breeze come through. After today, I'm really ready for spring to get here. I hope the warm weather is here to stay!

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