Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's been a couple of days

I've been so busy organizing my scrap corner that I haven't been online much.

Friday I got a silly idea in my head. I wanted to add another table to my scrap corner and take out the wire rack. So I took the table out of the bathroom that we put our bath towels on and moved the wire rack in there for the towels.

See when I get a silly idea in my head I go full force with it. So instead of going through each cubby in the wire rack, I took everything out and laid it on the floor or the diningroom table!

After I moved the table out to my scrap corner I relized that it was sitting on the heat vent. The only one in the room. Well I can't freeze in the winter time sitting at my desk. So I ran down to the hardware store and bought wheels. While I was there I also picked up a peg board (2x4) to hang on my wall. And some hooks. Ohhhh I was so excited about my board! Course when I brought it all home, I still had my mess to go through. So the board had to wait.

Yesterday Chris & I went to another hardware store to buy some wood to make a frame to put on the back of the peg board. I decided I wanted to paint my board. Bought some more hooks and a can of paint. Came home and started painting. My mess still waiting to go through. :)

This morning we hung the board and I started going through the mess and added scrap thing to the board. Ohhhh I love it! I have just finished cleaning off my desk... yes I still have a mess on the floor but it's dwindling.

Here's pictures of my mess. After I get it all organized I'll post my new scrap corner. :)


Lisa Peppers said...

You have inspired me to start organizing my scrap space. lol

A thought for your Wire racks. I have them too and I made them 3 high, but the top ones are baskets instead of shelves. I will post a pic at SS to help clarify. The reason I mention it is because they become great vertical storage for 12x 12 paper. I keep my paper organized in there as well as my SS kits.

Jenn said...

you go girl!

Spinkeeshy said...

I really want pegboard now! thinking i need to remove the quilt i have hanging on my scrap wall and replace it with pegboard..

I also am wondering if this has anything to do with your new column your writing for the SS mag? (hee hee)

Christa said...

Thanks guys!!

Spink.. You will love your peg board. More space on your desk!! lol
Ummm why I don't know what you're talking about!!! lol Well all the thinking I've been doing on the article I guess it has brought my mo jo on to really doing it!! lol