Sunday, March 2, 2008

Little bit of this & a little bit of that

First, a big thank you to Spink for doing my background for me. I love it!!

and Second.. We had a taste of spring today!! Ok well it wasn't like TX, AL or CA weather (hi girls) but for for WV it was nice!

Today was the little ones baseball try outs. They both said they did ok.
While I was waiting for the boys to get done with their try outs, I was again informed that both of them may NOT be on the SAME team!! Again I informed this board member that the boys won't be playing baseball then. I really don't understand why they have such a problem putting brothers on the same team. Lord knows it would make my life just a tad less stressful. I mean come on... lets think about this...I have 4 children, Garrett is trying out for high school baseball and track. (most likely will make both teams. If not baseball, track for sure) Jennifer works at the movie theater a couple days a week and every weekend, and then Michael & Jacob playing baseball.
Now Garrett's practices.. track right after school, high school baseball different times every day. Now once high school baseball is over, Garrett will then start practicing on the Babe Ruth team. If you play high school ball you have to wait to be release to play for Babe Ruth. Little league baseball (Jacob & Michael) practices every night. Oh now lets not forget that I'm married to a Military man. (those of you that are in the military or have been, know about) know that you can't always count on their help.
I guess to make a long story short... I'm only one person! ( and all I ask for is to put both of my boys on the same team!)

Today made day 4 on Garrett's driving lessons. :) He's doing pretty good. Still trying to get used to the gas pedal. He likes to "gun" it when taking off. He know wants to go everywhere with me, so he can drive!

Well I guess that's it for tonight. I'm off to get things ready for morning and go read a bit.
Have a good night...

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Love Just love that background gotta have me one of those spinks plizz pretty plizz.