Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New LO, baseball & track

I did this LO for The Sketch World DT. Well the names were posted today and my name wasn't on the list. :( Oh well I tried, had fun scrapping my LO . It's still a great site and love Lucy's sketches. Congrats to the girls that did make the DT!! Can't wait to see your LOs!

Nothing new has been going on here. LOTS of rain! I'm so ready for spring to get here. I want to wear my flip flops!

High school baseball cuts were today. Garrett made the team!! Whoo hooo Go Garrett!!!

Last night was the red & white track meet, Garrett did the 100, 200, 1 -10 highs (hurdles) and high jump. It was cold and rainy and really made it hard to run & jump! He didn't do to bad in the 100 & 200, scared me when he did the high hurdles (lol) and came in 2nd in the high jump. He jumped 5'6! Last year his record for high jump was 5'. Not bad uh?

I guess thats all the news from wet, cold & rainy WV.
Chat with ya soon. :)


Kazan said...

Your layout is super cute. I think your blog is great. Hope to pop in again real soon.

So Many Scraps said...

what a riot Christa! I use to live in johnson city. Hubby works in Endicott and now we live in Owego! been to Highland lots of times!

So Many Scraps said...

that's right we talked about this on scrapstreet before!!!

Janneke Smit said...

oh that's gorgeous!!!